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Affiliate program offered by

If you are willing to make some good money without much work, than all you have to do is to join the affiliate program offered by is a Search Engine optimization company that specializes in providing link building services to their customers. When you join the affiliate program offered by, than actually you are becoming the business partner of one of the largest Search engine optimizing company and you would be making good money out of it.

It won’t be that much difficult for you to find the customers for, and this is because it is one of the most credible companies that have made its mark in their targeted industry, so now all you have to do is to show the customers the path from where they can reach us.

How to do it?

Being the part of the program is way much simple, as all you need to do is to place the banners as well as text links over your website, and it would not take more than ten minutes to do that. Hence anyone who visits through your website and asks for our services than you will get the commission over it; it is as simple as that! The best thing about is that there are no technical jargons involved; the procedure is way much easy and simple!

Benefits of going with affiliate program

Following are the benefits of going with affiliate program:


Every sale that has been made through your website about our service you will be entitled to get 30% commission over it, which is surely a very big amount! If you conduct this job in a proper way, than you will surely be making a handsome amount of money via affiliate program.

Monitoring and tracking

Now with affiliate program you will also be allowed to track and monitor the entire traffic coming from your website as well as your total earning that you are making from, hence allowing you to make the most out of this affiliate program in the best possible way, hence you will be assured that you are not being scammed in any way!

Second (2nd) Tier Commission

Besides that, also offers its customers a second tier commission! The % specified for the 2nd tier is 10%, hence allowing you to make more money from’s affiliate program in the best possible way!

Low reversal rates

The reversals rates of is less than 1%, which means that there are least chances of any refunds or reversals, hence allowing you to be assured that you don’t need to return any money from the commissions earned, as the reversal rate is way much low. Any reversal or refunds are done in rare cases.

Make some good money with the Affiliate program offered by